China`s strict environment protection policy pushes construction sand/stone price up

August 2, 2017  |   Source:China Aggregates Net

From 2016 to 2017, China has brought its environmental protection policy on construction aggregates industry, which led to closure of many quarries due to this industry`s long neglect of green development concept.


Producing crushed stone or sand without dust suppression tech and equip results in severer dust and noise pollution, and many small stone quarries are reluctant in adding environment protection equipment.

After many waves of inspection organized by Ministry of Environmental Protection, some local governments stopped numerous construction aggregates quarries, and in the meantime there are infrastructure projects all over China hunger for construction aggregates, including sand, crushed stone, etc.

Though there are some under-construction quarries with millions tons capacity trying to catch up with quarry closing speed, but at least for a short time the supply cannot meet the demand.

As sand/stone price goes up, many local authorities are now pushing a green upgrade in construction aggregates industry, and in the same time organizing suppliers and government department to guarantee sand/stone supply.

Editor: David Zhao


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