Yanqing closed a 20 hectare stone quarry to welcome Winter Olympic

August 2, 2017  |   Source:China Aggregates Net

As the co-host city of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic, competitions for luge, bobsleigh and alpine skiing will be held in Xiaohaituo Mountain area in Yanqing, northwest of Beijing.

Pic source: Wikipedia

There was a sand stone quarry operating near the 65th exit of Beijing-Tibet Highway in Yanqing, covered 20 hectare land and last for nearly 10 years. In July 2017, to make ways for a clean environment for 2022 Winter Olympic and 2019 International Horticultural Exhibition.


Local government managed to persuade the quarry owner to clear all his quarry materials and equipment, and more than 400 thousand cubic meters sand and stone was shipped away.

After the completion of quarry closing, some tree planting work will be done in the remaining land, and turning it into a public park for local citizens.

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