Smog will trouble China aggregates industry for a long time

April 12, 2017  |   Source:China Aggregates Net

As a global problem, smog will be a big problem for China aggregates industry. Ironically, this owes to China`s historical pursuit for an environmental friendly economy.


In November 2016, Shijiangzhuang, capital city of Hebei Province, issued a policy that all aggregates quarry shall not operate till 15th March 2017, in order to decrease PM 2.5 and smog weather. And Shijiangzhuang`s attitude to aggregates industry represented many cities in China: you cannot both good air quality and aggregates industry.

And during 2015 National People`s Congress, some national representative delivered opinion that aggregates industry is the main cause of smog, which was companies by many opposite voices, including China Aggregates Net.

Some quarries really need dust control equipment

China Aggregates Net has been calling industry upgrade for a long time, and many enterprises has done well in environment protection, and we believe this very industry can be a green corner stone for China.


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