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Innovate concrete furniture design show

November 10, 2015  |   Source:BENTU Design
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What is your impression of concrete structure? Cold, gray, hard and merciless?

Unlike the traditional impression of concrete, artists from Guangzhou which is a group of young people designed unique concrete furnitures.

What hides behind the unique designs is a soft heart obtaining a sincerer idea to designs.

link (6)
Unique Chair

link (2)
Concrete lampshade

Concrete lampshade

link (4)
Soap box

link (8)
Storage plate

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One thought on “Innovate concrete furniture design show

  1. May 2, 2017 at 15:17

    Hi I am interested in your concrete furniture and other products. We are looking for a bulk procurement to retail them in India. Kindly revert back ASAP.


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